Did you know that each trip participant pays $1,000 to join a mission trip team?  This defrays part of the costs associated with our mission trips. There are many expenses incurred in order to perform our work such as travel expenses, medical/dental/vision supplies, pharmaceuticals, interpreters and more. If you would like to make a gift towards any of these items, below are just a few examples of where your donation will be used.



If you would like to sponsor an item to help defray the cost of our mission trips, click the button to be taken to the sponsor page.

Vitamins are critical nutrients for growth and learning ability.  A one-month supply of children’ multi-vitamins are given to every child.  Adult vitamins are also provided for all patients.  Each trip over 7,000 vitamins are dispensed.  A $15 donation buys 1,000 tablets.

Large duffle bags traveling with the team are filled with medications, charting materials, eyeglasses parts & tools, dental equipment and supplies just to name a few!

An $80 gift sponsors one roundtrip bag fee.

Can you read this? Many of the patients we serve have never had their eye sight checked nor been able to see clearly. With vision testing equipment, we are able to make prescription eyeglasses on site.

$50 provides four pairs of prescription eyeglasses and $25 will provide twenty-five bottles of eyedrops that are handed out to our vision patients.

Ibuprofen, prescribed for the most common medical complaint; arthritis as well as pain relief for dental patients.  Each trip there are approximately 6,000 tablets dispensed.  A $25 donation pays for 1,000 tablets.

Although most locations in Central America where Global Hands of Healing travels are primarily Spanish speaking countries.  However, in the remote villages we serve most patients speak their own native language.  Working through our country host our mission trips require between 10 – 20 interpreters for each clinic day.

The average cost of one interpreter is $40 per day.  A $40 donation pays for one interpreter for one day or $160 to sponsor one interpreter for 4 clinic days.

Did you know that most Guatemalan families do not have the budget to purchases toothbrushes or toothpaste?  Our team supplies these essentials to each family member.

A $100 gift covers one clinic day.