Non-Medical Trip Participants

In addition to volunteers with medical, dental, and vision training and education, every trip requires a small number of volunteers with other skills.  How to qualify? Let us know what life skills you have which will be useful on a trip.  Read below for two examples.

Non-medical volunteers are accommodated on a first come, first serve based on trip application submittal date and the specific skillset needed for each trip.


Although the people in the villages we serve in Central America typically speak their own indigenous language such as K’iche’ in Guatemala, trip volunteers that are fluent in Spanish are needed for each trip.  The host-country organization with whom we work provides interpreters that are either bilingual (Spanish and local language) or trilingual (English, Spanish and local language).  A typical trip ranges from 12 – 18 local interpreters that work with our team on clinic days.

As a Spanish speaker you may be assigned to work in different areas of the clinic such as medical, dental, vision or elsewhere as needed.


Administrative Reporting

While on mission trips there are a number of administrative activities that need to be accomplished.  Typically the country host we work with has statistical requirements that need to be provided at the end of the week.  The type of information that needs to be gathered may include number of patients seen, age range of patients, gender, parasite treatments, teeth extractions, vitamins distributed, eyeglasses prescribed, etc.  Our physicians, dentists, pharmacist and vision volunteers utilize an internal form in order to track this data.  Tallying the daily totals in a spreadsheet and sharing with the trip leader (s) is very helpful.

Editorial and Blog Experience

If you are knowledgeable at copywriting or blogging we can use your talent!  While on mission trips it’s important to post photos and the experience on social media.  Setting up a blog and website updates through Word Press while on location keeps our supporters, family members and others engaged during the mission trips.